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Ready to Order Cakes

These cakes was created to provide an alternative to a bespoke design.  You know what you are getting and what the cost will be without having to resort to a shop-bought cake.  These cakes are all filled with delicious creamy Swiss meringue  buttercream  and  covered in fondant.


  • Can be ordered at short notice (72 hours notice needed)
  • Choose from 4 flavours:
  1. Funfetti: Vanilla bean with Funfetti sprinkle buttercream
  2. Vanilla Bean
  3. Dark Chocolate Fudge
  4. Red Velvet
  • Add a message of your choice
  • Please note: Theses cakes are not customisable.  What you see is what you get.  The coloured fondant for these cakes are hand mixed and therefore the colour might vary slightly from the picture (i.e. a bit lighter or darker).
  • Please have a look at our portion and cutting guide for a clear understanding of the amount of servings from each cake.

Pink Princess Cake


Heart embossed cake with a  edible (chocolate) silver crown and princesses wand.

Size: 10". Serves approx:20-38 

£80 Buy

Lit- a- Candle Cake


8" Round birthday cake with fondant candles. Serves approx:14-24

£65 Buy



Monkey, Monkey, Monkey


Leave covered "tree". Chocolate monkey figurine.


Size:8". Serves approx:14-24

£75 Buy

Unicorn Cake


Sparkly and fun for all unicorn lovers.


Size:8".Serves approx: 14-24

£85 Buy